Life is hard, but it’s not complicated

Life seems complicated sometimes, doesn’t it?  How do we keep everyone happy, get everything done, and balance all the things that pull us a million directions at the same time?


It’s hard.  But it’s not complicated.  You know what matters?  People.  Relationships.  They matter.  The rest is just stuff.


If you connect the “stuff” with a larger picture, it’ll make your work easier.  Five meetings today?  Connect them to the life you’re providing for your family.  Three big exams on Friday?  Connect them to the life you’re going to lead after your schooling is complete.


See what I mean?  Connecting things to the larger picture allows you to view them as small steps on the way to where you want to be.  They’re no longer the huge obstacles that stand between you and the end of the day-they’re important steps along your journey.


So let life be hard…just don’t let it get complicated.