Chemo is just the reason I’m here.

When I was teaching, the subject was just the reason we were together.  It was never the point of our class.  Does that make sense?  There was always a larger picture, a larger point to the time I spent with students.


Chemo is why I’m here this morning, but it’s not my purpose for being here.  There are people I can bring a smile to, people who might need a bit of encouraging.  There are people here who can feel my appreciation and gratitude for their work.    


Wherever you are today, there’s a reason you’re there.  It’s not why you’re there.  I encourage you to ask yourself the big why questions. Why are you where you are today?  What is the larger purpose?  Who will be better because you’re there?  Who will be better because of your work?  Who will be better because of who you are?


What you do matters, because you matter.  Make today count.