About The Book

Craig Lindvahl’s career has allowed him to work in the worlds of education, entrepreneurship, music, television, sports, and business.  The insights he has gained through a lifetime of interacting with a myriad of successful people has led him to write Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday: and other things you’ll need to know tomorrow.  

Lindvahl believes that successful living is a natural result of understanding a few essential truths.  He’s shared these essential truths with several generations of students, and has traveled around the country sharing them with groups of professionals.   

They’ve now been assembled in book form, and whether you’re sixteen or sixty; a parent or a child; a boss or an employee; each chapter contains fresh approaches to action and interaction that will improve every part of your life. Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday is like a reference book on life, a collection of wit and wisdom you can refer to again and again.