Ask The Right Question

It’s so easy to get focused on the minutiae of our work and daily lives.  We lose sight of the real purpose of our work, and things can get a little foggy.


Sometimes the right question is “How do we make this process more efficient?” A tweak here and there and we have a dynamite process that is perfect for what we do.


Sometimes, though, the right question is, “Is this even what we do?” 


Let’s say we have a billion dollar machine that measures the effectiveness of hip replacements.  We argue and debate and tweak and tinker and spend millions making sure that it’s a perfectly functioning machine.




But sometimes, someone needs to stand up and say, “Hey, the sign above the door says we’re a heart disease clinic.  Why do we even have a machine that measures hip replacements?”


In your life, your business, and your work, don’t be threatened by questioning what you do.  Think about what it is you really do, what you want to do, and ask all the questions, big and small.