What Can I Learn Here?

You ever walk into a classroom, a meeting, a conference, or a professional development opportunity with the attitude “I don’t see why I have to know this?!?”


Lemme tell you something.  That’s on you.  There are opportunities to learn everywhere, every day.  If you approach every situation with the question,  “What can I learn here?”,  you’ll be amazed at what an interesting world we live in.

Don’t shut yourself off from new knowledge and information.  When you do, everything new becomes a threat.  If you’re open to things, almost everything is just freaking fascinating.


Say these two things out loud, and pay attention to the way each makes you feel:


“Why do I have to know this?!?”


“What is here for me to learn?”


See what I mean?  It’s easy to become cynical and jaded in this world but remember…you’re not required to be.  You can be a learner, and you can be a learner everywhere, every day.