We Are Where We Are, Right?

Right…but we don’t have to stay there.  It’s important to keep some sense of reality around you as you assess your situation in life.  In a situation like mine, it’s tempting to move to some sense of denial, believe me.


If I’m having a few moments where I don’t hurt, I can just about convince myself that I’ve imagine all this.  I’m going to get a call in the morning, and my doctor will say, “Wait a minute!  Your name isn’t ‘Ruth Periwinkle!’  We’ve made a huge mistake-sorry about that.”


And then my chemo pump makes the noise that reminds me that it’s all…too…real.


But that doesn’t mean I have to stay here.  My mindset isn’t one of a disease stealing the life from me.  My mindset is one of accepting the discomfort of the moment in return for feeling great later.  I’m happy to carry on, confident that I can get back to the work that so fills my heart and life.


And in the meantime, I’m allowed to make the very best of this moment.  I can seek to use this moment to learn more about what matters in life.  I can use this moment to communicate that learning to others.  I can use the unexpected gift of a slower paced life to really contemplate what I can share with others.


Wherever you are in your life this moment-whether you’re thrilled with every part of it or not-understand and acknowledge it.  But you don’t have to stay there.  View it as a stop along the way, and focus your energy and thoughts on how to get to the next stop.  And do me a favor, okay?  Spend just as much time thinking about how to help someone else as they travel their own path. 


One final thought:  John Perles and Amy Guy have a great radio show “Your Life Is Your Business!” Saturday morning at 10:00 on WCRA-AM 1090.  It’s a fantastic show, and they’ve asked me to appear with them this Saturday morning.  These guys are terrific, and I hope you’ll tune in on Saturday.