There's Nothing to Learn Here

I suspect that most everyone who travels regularly has had an experience like this.  There’s no moral to the story, no grand lesson to be learned-it’s just too delicious not to share.


I had just boarded a flight from Atlanta to Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Packed flight, but it appeared as though the only empty seat on the plane might be next to me. 


Then, a woman, late middle aged, dressed very nicely, made eye contact with me in the sort of,  “sorry, that’s my seat” look people give one another on an airplane.


I stood so she could take the window seat, and as she moved past me, she said,  “I owe you an apology.  I st…”


At that instant, a horrible stench wafted over me.  Wow.  Pungent, thick, the sort of smell that sticks on your skin.


“…ink.  I just threw up all over myself as I ran from my last flight.  I had to decide whether to get cleaned up or miss the flight, and I decided to catch the flight.”




Madame passenger evidently got hold of some bad pizza in Denver, and that pizza decided to ask for a return ticket as she ran through the airport in Atlanta. 


As we prepared to land, she leaned over to me and said, ‘I think it’s coming back for another round.” 




Hope she understood why I exited the plane by crawling over the seats and out the window.