The Practice of Listening

I heard someone say the other day, “Have you ever noticed people won't let you finish your sentence before they jump in with what they are going to say next?”

Conversations like these are hard.

I’ve found that it is much more compelling to talk to people who really want to know what someone else is thinking, and want to listen to what someone else has to say more than wanting to reveal something about themselves or make sure that I know how they feel about issues.

The truth is those opportunities will come when you take the time to listen to a family member, a friend, neighbor or colleague.

We are all able to do it. We are all able to close our agendas and listen. Unfortunately, those who can’t let others finish their sentences are completely unaware of the power of having conversations like that. Many of them go through their lives blissfully unaware, wondering what is wrong with everybody.

I think it’s a very simple exercise to just allow people to finish what they have to say before you jump in. You will become someone who people feel comfortable with, and you’ll be surprised to learn how much more people will share with you then.

And you’ll also be surprised how much more others want to listen to you, too.