How to Get Through the Fog

This is the time of the year when CEO students feel particularly overwhelmed. At the beginning of the spring semester, they have new classes starting, their class business is coming up, they are thinking about their college plans and just beginning to establish their personal business.

They are feeling the weight of all these things. Often, when we are waist-deep in thick of life, the weight of the world can feel so heavy that we can’t even move. We can’t do anything.

It’s like being in a fog where you can only see 30-feet ahead of where you are. But the good news is that you can see 30-feet ahead. Once you move that distance, you will be able to see the next 30-feet. And the next.


It’s important when you feel overwhelmed like that to break your next steps down, looking at the next thing to do while still keeping your sights set on the outcome of all you are doing.

When you think about the 5 things you have to do 100 times a day, it seems like you have 500 things to do. If you take the time to just write out what you need to do, you'll look at this little bit of chicken scratch, and you'ill say, I sure feel busier than that, but this list is manageable!