Time for a few more tales from the road:

I was in Chicago not long ago, and had lunch with some dear friends in Chinatown.  Great food, great conversation.  We saw a place across the street from where we dined, and I just wasn’t sure how to feel about the sign.


Serving people?  I wasn’t sure if they were offering them as a menu item, pledging to make each diner a better person than they were when they walked in, or just making it clear who was welcome and who wasn’t.  Regardless, we didn’t eat there.

I was in New York recently, and as I visited the various shops in Times Square I realized that merchandise is much easier to find than good taste.


In a small town in Illinois, I saw an interesting sign.  The only thing they forgot was to add a fourth line:  “And no fun.  Period.”

I was in St. Louis the other day for a very important meeting.  I put a lot of thought into the whole day.  I wanted to look just right, act just right, and say all the right things.  That’s a lot of pressure.  So what happened?  I walked into a restaurant for lunch before the meeting, and I came fact-to-face with Ken…dressed in exactly the same outfit.  Sort of shakes your confidence, you know?


As a public service, I offer this.  It’s today’s special, and thus deserving of mention.   I believe it was part of a “1/2 off” sale.

I spoke to a group of high schools students recently, and talked about the incredible advancements in technology that will become part of our day-to-day lives in the next 5- 10 years.  It’s fascinating to watch the faces of students as they hear about the ways their lives will be so different.  It’s also fascinating to hear their questions. 

When I finished, the first question was from a quiet girl in the back.  She had been keenly paying attention, and her mouth hung open just a bit in astonishment as she contemplated the change that is coming.  Her question?  “Are you sorry you won’t be around to see any of it?”

Thank you so much.  I don’t know what hurt worse-the fact that she thought I’d be long gone before that stuff is introduced, or the look on all the other faces that clearly said, “Hey…good question.”