It’s time to get connected. #lookatme

I’m being dragged into the connected world of social media in ways I have resisted until recently.  Until a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t tweet, I posted once or twice a year on Facebook, and I didn’t “gram”, insta or otherwise.

Now, though, word about the CEO program is steadily getting out, and I spend much of my time traveling the country talking about it.  Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday is out there, and we want people to read it and benefit from it.

That means, like it or not, it’s time to get connected. 

I get that social media matters.  I really do.  I understand that this is the new way, and I understand that it works.  There exists a wealth of data that proves it.

I have to say though-I still don’t understand why it matters.   As we work on posting all kinds of stuff on various social media channels, I can’t figure out why anyone cares about it. 

But I’m trying to be a good pupil and trying to be a good sport.  We have people who help with this, posting things on my behalf and navigating the various avenues for pushing information out.  We’re getting to know one another, gaining a better understanding of what I’m comfortable with and what I’m not.

So, friends, know I’m the same person who tries to keep a low profile and deflect attention to others.  Know that I haven’t changed, and know that I never want to be “that guy”.  You know, the guy who keeps beating you over the head with, “Hey, look what I do!!!”  #look at me, #I’mthebest, #canyoubelievewhatagreatguyIam?.

I’m on board with all of this because the work we’re doing is important and transformational.  I’m willing to do this, just as I’m willing to spend so much time away from home, because it matters.  The work I’m doing, through CEO and the book, is my calling.

Whew, feels good to articulate that just a bit.

And…if you like what we’re doing, if you like Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday, I reckon it would be nice if you spread the word through your own social networks. It matters, you know.